Painting is my true calling, elements, compositions, colour schemes play in my mind and there is a strong urge to bring it down onto a canvas.The joy of 'the process' is unparalleled to any other. I exhibit my enthusiasm, my happiness, my spirt to you.I hope I can rub off some of the zeal onto YOU

NAME:-                     Deepa Shah

DOB:-                        21st October 1968

EXPERIENCE:-        2006-2014-Exhibiting Paintings
                                   2004-2006-Conducting Art Events
                                   2000-2004-Consultant with Microcell Multimedia in Graphic Design and Animation
                                   1998-2000-Asst.Lecturer 4th Year Applied Art Sophia B.K.Somani College Of Art
                                   1994-1998-Hand Painter/Designer for Garment Exporters
                                   1992-1994-Author/Illustrator by Rupa Publishers.Book cover designer and illustrator for 'India Book House'
                                   1990-1992-Worked with Lintas,TAAM and Edge Communications as visualizer

COLLECTION:-        2010-2009-50 Paintings with Malabar Hill Club

EDUCATION:-          1986-1990-Diploma in Applied Art [Sophia Polytechnic]
                                   1974-1986-I.C.S.E Villa Theresa High School

STRENGTHS:-         15-20 Years of Work experience in                       
                                   -> Painting/ Designing/ Teaching
                                   ->Events/ Publishing/ Advertising
                                   -> Good Personality/ Aware of current trends in Art and Design

OTHER INTERESTS:-  Photography, Traveling and Reading.

Over the past 20 years I've done Yoga and some meditation techniques which have enhanced my life in many ways. I did a 21 day Yoga and naturopathy course at Jindal Institute Bangalore, Reiki at Ahmedabad, Raj Yoga at Mount Abu and the Art of Living in Mumbai.
I share my views, understaning and experience through these paintings. Through Reiki I discovered that besides our physical body there are six other bodies.1. Ethric body, 2. Mental body, 3. Emotional body, 4. Spiritual body, 5. Astral body, 6. Celestial body. By doing Yoga(Pranayam and Asanas)one can keep the Physical body healthy.
The next body is the Ethric body on which lie the 7 chakras depicting the 7 colors of the rainbow(VIBGYOR) and relate to the 5 elements of nature, Reiki heals the internal organs through the chakras(painting no.1).
The next eight paintings(nos.2-9) are based on the mental body(up to 8 ft.). By doing practical Meditation the Raj Yoga way one can attain the 8 powers/qualities which are Tolerance, Courage, Co-operation, Accommodation, Discrimination, Judgement, Withdraw and pack up.
Out of our 7 bodies if our Physical body Ethric body and Mental body are in harmony we can have perfect health.
The next group of 5 paintings(nos.10-14) portray the Emotional body. The paintings depict the coverting of negative emotions of envy to sympathy, hate to love, revenge to forgiveness, depressing to inspirational and bondage to elements of nature, namely, Earth, Water, fire, air & space. I purged my negative emotions through the Arts of living and chanting the Buddhist chant of OM, MA, NI, PADME, HUM.
The spiritual body(15 ft. to 18 ft.) is depicted in the last painting. It shows an Evolved souls' spiritual journey through the Astral and Celestial planes. This is a work of imagination as I can envision the journey the through practitioners of VIPASSANA.